11 Classic Indoor and Outdoor Games Ever!

Indoor and Outdoor Games

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Both indoor and outdoor games play a quintessential role in bringing a little fun to your monotonous life. There are a few differences between indoor and outdoor games that are outlined here.

Both indoor and outdoor games contribute to the physical and growth of your child. Indoor games involve less physical movement when compared to outdoor activities. Undoubtedly, indoor activities make them intellectual and creative. While outdoor games build physical strength and social skills.

The best thing about both types of games is that you got to spend time with your family and friend to create memories. Indoor and outdoor games help in unwinding and relief from stress.

11 Incredible Indoor and Outdoor Games Lists

Exposure to indoor and outdoor games is essential for the overall growth of the kids. Outdoor activities require running, jumping and many other physical activities that are a necessity for muscle building.

Most indoor games such as chess, ludo and scrabble require creativity and brainstorming that work as a mental exercise resulting in mental fitness.

Parents always look for the best indoor and outdoor games lists that they can play with their little ones. Here we have listed a few indoor and outdoor games to make it easy for all the parents out there.

1) Snakes And Ladders 

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient multiplayer indoor game. It is a board game played between a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 or 8 players.  

The snakes and ladders board has boxes numbered from 1 to 100. It has snakes and ladders drawn on the board.

Roll the dice and move forward as per the number that appears on the dice. ladder gives you a hike, whereas if reach a snake, you go down to the box at end of the snake’s tail.

The one who reaches the box marked 100 wins the game.

Snakes and Ladders

Why Play Snakes and ladders?

  • Recognition of number patterns.
  • Helps in dealing with ups and downs.
  • Good for colour recognition
  • Build strategical skills.

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2) Chess

Chess is a royal indoor game that is being played for centuries. It is played on a square board that has 64 boxes each of white and black colour, alternatively.

Chess is played between 2 players where the board is represented as a battlefield. 

The chessboard is set up in a way that each player has the white box on their right.

There are 6 pieces named the Pawn, the Rooks, Knights, Bishops, Queen, and King in a standard chess set.


Why Play Chess?

  • Develop cognitive & intellect
  • Brain exercise for mental fitness
  • Improves concentration & creativity.
  • Inculcate patience and willpower.

3) Table Tennis

Table Tennis is an indoor game which is also known as Ping-pong. This game is played on a table that has a net in the centre. It is played between 2 or 4 players.

Players need to hit a lightweight ball across the table with a racket. Table tennis requires a quick reaction as it’s a fast game.

Since 1988, Table tennis has been an Olympic Sport with various categories such as Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, and Women’s Doubles.

Table Tennis

Why Play Table Tennis?

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Improve the reflexes.
  • Develop Balancing and agility.
  • Burns calories and a brain exercise.

4) Building Blocks

Building Blocks is an interesting game to play inside with your kids. This gameplay involves semi-structured blocks of different colours that the players have to design into various structures such as homes, buses, trucks, etc.

This indoor game is engaging and it helps in developing your child’s personality. Building blocks are usually played with and relished among preschool-age children.

The best thing about this game is that it can keep your child engaged while you are quite occupied with your things.

Building Blocks

Why Play Building Blocks?

  • Familiarity with various shapes & sizes.
  • Builds ingenuity and problem-solving skills.
  • Encourages creativity.
  • Improves cognitive flexibility

5) Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a hand game that is played between two players at a time. It can also be played to make a choice. For instance, this game is best to resort to when you are indecisive about who will foot the bill when you have gone to dine out with your friend.

The players have to make a gesture with their hand that can depict one of Rock, Paper and Scissors.

  • Rock – roll your hand into a fist
  • Paper – a flat hand
  • Scissors – Index finger and middle finger extended outward (making it look like < symbol)

Say “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot”, and outstretch your hand with any of these gestures on “Shoot”. Rock loses to Paper but wins from Scissors. Scissors beat Paper.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Why Play Rock, Paper, Scissors?

  • Helps in making decisions.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Build spontaneity
  • Enhance strategical thinking.

6) Hide and Seek 

Hide and seek tops the indoor and outdoor games lists. It can be played in both ways, inside the house or outside in the park. 

It’s a fun game to relish by a group of players. All players will hide except the one whose turn it is. That player has to find the other players.

Hide and seek involves running around to find the spot to hide which is necessary for the physical growth of your child.

Hide and Seek

Why Play Hide And Seek?

  • Good for physical fitness
  • Relieves stress and boosts happiness
  • Improves communication skills
  • Develop motor skills 

7) Frisbee

Frisbee is an outdoor game that you can enjoy with your family and friends in an open space.

Set up two end zone to play frisbee in your backyard or the park, marking it as a territory for both teams. It is to be played between multiple players.

The player who has the Frisbee may not move and must not hold the Frisbee disc for longer than 10 seconds.

Keep the Frisbee parallel to the ground to throw it correctly. To win the game make quick passes to your teammates.


Why Play Frisbee?

  • It’s a game of fun and trust
  • Develop swiftness.
  • A complete body workout
  • This leads to social interaction

8) Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack is an outdoor game that can be enjoyed by adults and kids. The hacky sack is kicked off from one player to another. But players can’t touch the sack with their hands.

The players need to gather in a circle and kick the sack to another player without letting it touch the ground. Any other body part other than the feet can be employed to keep the sack off the ground.

Hacky Sack

Why Play Hacky Sack?

  • Involve physical activity.
  • Enhance alacrity and concentration
  • Develops coordination
  • Great exercise for the heart

9) Badminton

Badminton is also known as a racquet sport as it is played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock from one player to another.

Badminton is played on the lawn or court with the lightweight synthetic shuttle and racquets. This game is the most popular and loved outdoor game in Asia for all age groups.

A point is scored when the shuttlecock hits the ground in the opposite team’s court including the lines.

The best of three wins the game.


Why Play Badminton?

  • Improves muscle strength
  • Good cardiovascular exercise
  • Amplifies mental agility
  • Reduces stress and improves flexibility

10) Football

Football is a favorite outdoor game for teenagers. It is played in two teams each having 11 players. Football requires kicking the ball with your feet and passing to your teammates. 

When the ball is kicked to the goal post, it’s a goal if it touches the net. The opponent’s goalkeeper stays there to stop the ball.

The football game is abode by the rules and if there’s a failure in following the rules will end your team up with penalities.

The trick to winning the football match is that you should know how to tackle the ball, don’t get distracted by the opponents.


Why Play Football?

  • Inculcate team spirit
  • Physical & mental fitness benefits
  • Builds strength & flexibility
  • Teach to follow rules

11) BasketBall

Basket Ball is a team sport played on a rectangular court between two teams with five players on each team. It is another game played by using an oval-shaped ball.

The goal is to get the ball through a hoop (known as a basket) mounted on a height on the opponent’s side of the court while blocking the opponent players from shooting it into your team’s hoop. 

The players bounce the ball while running toward the hoop or pass to their teammates. The team with more points or baskets will win the game.

Basket Ball

Why Play Basketball?

  • Fortify muscular endurance
  • Improve health & coordination
  • Renders swiftness and agility
  • Encourages team spirit 

What Are The Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Games?

The indoor games are usually played inside a room. The playing area is under a roof surrounded by four walls.

While outdoor games involve activities in the open area such as a playground, Lawn, or park. It requires running and movement which is not possible in restricted space.

5 Major Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Games

  1. Number of Players: Indoor games are usually board games and a maximum of 4 to 8 players can play at a time. Whereas, Outdoor games are played among a large group of players.
  2. Uniform: Most outdoor games have a dress code to differentiate between the team members of different teams. Indoor games don’t have any particular uniform or dress code as the number of players is less and they are distinguishable.
  3. Fitness: Indoor activities improve mental fitness and cognition. Whereas Outdoor games require physical activities which help in muscle building and strengthening the bones.
  4. Environment Constraints: Another difference between indoor and outdoor games is environmental constraints. Indoor games are played inside so one doesn’t have to worry about the weather out there. On the flip, Outdoor games are played in the open area which means more often plans to stand canceled due to the sudden change in the climate.
  5. Rules: Both indoor and outdoor games are played in a different setup that’s why they have different rules. Indoor games do not have hard and fast rules. These rules can be tweaked. While most outdoor games are Olympic sports that have strict and challenging rules. 


Whether it is indoor games or outdoor games both have their pros and cons but there is no doubt that both types of games are engaging and entertaining.

To sum up, there exist numerous differences between indoor and outdoor games but undoubtedly these games are quintessential for mental and physical growth. 

Take some time out from your hectic schedule and indulge yourself in these games to unwind and get rid of stress. The indoor and outdoor games help in bond well with your family and loved ones.

FAQs Bearing on Indoor and Outdoor Games

1. How are indoor and outdoor games useful to us?

Indoor and outdoor games are very beneficial for mental and physical growth. These games help in unwinding and uplifting the mood by reducing stress. They add fun to your monotonous life.

2. What is the main difference between indoor and outdoor games?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor games is their setup and fitness benefit. Indoor activities are performed inside a room while outdoor games are played outside in open areas such as parks or playgrounds. Indoor games are good for mental health. Whereas Outdoor is advantageous for physical growth.

3. Is basketball outdoor or indoor game?

Basketball is basically an outdoor game as it needs more space to bounce the ball but these days basketball courts are being designed indoors, making it an indoor game.

4. Why should we not wear indoor shoes for outdoor games?

The outdoor games are more subjected to physical injury. To avoid injury players must wear safety gear. Shoes are really important for outdoor games as most of these types of games require running and swift movements. Shoes are designed uniquely for different outdoor activities. Indoor shoes may not save you from injury. 

5. Name the games that can be played both indoor and outdoor?

Hide And Seek, Table Tennis, Basketball, and Badminton are a few games that can be played indoors and outside. Nowadays, many outdoor setups are being designed indoors to make it convenient to enjoy these games in harsh weather.


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